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How To Download And Install Office 2019 Professional Plus

1. Preparation

Before installing Office 2019, you need to set up your computer. It is strongly suggested to have just one Office installed on your PC. Before beginning your installation, it’s crucial to remove all previous installed Office versions, such as older versions of Office, Office 365 or Microsoft 365 trial versions. It is suggested to adhere to the Option 2 Uninstall Office completely with the tool for uninstall support. of the Microsoft Office uninstallation guide and completely remove Office by using their removal tool , named Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant . You can download the software Office 2019 Pro by clicking Here.

2. Downloading

Select your preferred language and follow the hyperlink to download the file. ISO/IMG file. The download process will begin once you click the link. After the download has been completed we will walk you through how to download and install Office 2019.

Here’s a list of Microsoft official download links for Office 2019 Professional Plus ISO file. Office 2019 Professional Plus ISO file.

Language Links
Chinese (CN)
Chinese (TW)
Portuguese (BR)
Portuguese (PT)

Select your preferred language Click the link to begin with the downloading then wait for the download to complete before installing it to your computer. It could take between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet.

You can track the progress of your download in your browser via this shortcut CONTROL+J.


3. Installation

  • Mounting ISO file In order to install Office 2019, log in to your Downloads directory to locate the ISO file that you downloaded. ISO file. right-click Select the ISO file and choose the option Mount by using in the menu context. Check out the image below. The file will be mounted as the virtual device and allow you to use it as an external drive.
  • Installing After you have completed this step After this step, on the left of the same window, you will notice there is an Office device is displayed underneath This PC. Click on the device you want to install (1), and then on the right-hand side of the screen you’ll see the contents. After that, double-click on to open the configuration files. It is visible in the image above as it is the number (2). This will begin installing the program.

The installer will pick the most appropriate Office version that is compatible with your PC. You may however require the 64-bit version. You can force the 64-bit installation by through to the Office folder and then running the program named Setup64.

4. Activation

After you have completed the installation then reboot the operating system. After that, you can start any of Office applications (Word for instance). After a short time, the new window will open informing you to enter your product key. Enter the product key, then select to activate Office. Activate Office button.

That’s all. You now have Office fully set up and ready to use. Enjoy your Office suite.